Pre and post theatre at House Canteen


Elevate your evening with our pre and post theatre dining


Stop by before your show or dive in post-show and make the most of delicious sharing bites, cocktails and harbour vibes. 


To ensure that our team can fully accommodate you before the show, we kindly request that you allocate 1 hour of your time prior to the theater performance. This will ensure that you are promptly served and ready to go!

Pre Theatre

Pre-show bliss: revel in our amazing menu featuring a wide array of scrumptious food, refreshing drinks, and delightful cocktails.


Whether you're in the mood for a couple of bites, a flavourful poke bowl, or a vibrant Vietnamese salad bursting with freshness, we've got you covered. Soak up the lively atmosphere, tantalise your taste buds, and get ready for an unforgettable show.

Post Theatre

Late night indulgence: once the curtains fall on Friday and Saturday nights, House Canteen has something special in store for you. From bites to larger plates, our Late Night menu is the perfect way to extend the magic of the evening with friends or loved ones.