Get ready to immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of House Canteen, the ultimate venue located right at the water's edge, nestled between the magnificent Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge. Whether you're in search of the perfect venue to celebrate a milestone birthday, or any other extraordinary occasion, look no further than House Canteen. Our event space is ideal for hosting events with a guest list of up to 100 individuals, ensuring an intimate and memorable experience for either breakfast, lunch or dinner events. Prepare for a breathtaking experience as your guests are swept away by the dazzling panoramic views and the exceptional service that exudes both style and fun.


Let our energetic events team join forces with you to bring your harbourside extravaganza to life at Sydney's most iconic hotspot. Take the first step towards creating a memorable occasion by filling out the form below, and let the celebrations begin!


Please note through November - January we are not taking any events, we look forward to welcoming you back in February.